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  Nina Kidd


I am a writer and illustrator in Southern California. I grew up in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. My extended family included cats, dogs, rats, mice, turtles, and a mallard duck.  Wild rescue animals, from squirrels to quail, shared the house with our family. Watching them and exploring outside led me to an interest in nature and science, and I began drawing and painting, and writing stories about wild places.
 Some of my favorite writing projects took me to stand on a rooftop with scientists as they released young peregrine falcons to find homes in Los Angeles and following a biologist to photograph the rescue and rehabilitation of an ailing bobcat.  I love reading to find out more about these animals, and stories of all kinds for young people. Besides reading, writing and painting, I love hiking, flyfishing for trout, natural history museums and college football. 




for 2017 - 2018

Author Presentation: 

"Mountain Lion Mysteries

in the

Santa Monica Mountains"

See and hear the story of the mountain lions struggling against extinction in mountains surrounded by freeways and the city of Los Angeles. Today a wildlife corridor called Liberty Canyon offers hope. Find out how you can help.

Nina Kidd will narrate, share slides and artifacts and answer questions based on her research with scientists at the National Park Service and the University of California.
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